Saturday, April 9, 2011

Pedals & Paws Ride -- Well Done

Hey Curtis, Tell mom she did a great job on this ride.  For her first event she certainly had some expert advice and did right! The police protection was exceptional.  You didn't need to mark the route.  Every intersection had police directing traffic.  On part of the ride they even followed along behind us on the shoulder with blue lights flashing. No ride I have been on has ever had high level of support.  I hope y'all made some money on the event because it was a great value for the bicyclists with shirts, hand-outs, rest stops, etc.


Miley said...

I couldn't agree more. Very nice route and the sheriff's support surpassed any ride I've been on, including Jack'n'Back. I too hope it raised enough to make it worth their while.

GARY said...