Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Fogbee Jersey and Tri-Suit order

...... The fit kit is in please contact Bob to make you apt for fitting Bob's email .. Sorry for the short Notice . . This is going to be a quick turn around order so we can get our Tri-suits before the GJCC Triathlon in May. . . I will be ordering Jerseys and Tri-suits on Monday April11th. If you would like to order a Jersey I need to know your size and have your money by April 9th.
  • Short Sleeve $ 41
  • Sleeveless $ 41
  • Tri-suit $78
. . I have ordered a fit kit for both men and ladies Tri-suits. The kit should be in by next week. Please post if you are interested in ordering or send a email to Fogbees@gmail.com. .. Additional Information .


Doug_D said...

Marsha and I may be interested in fitting for a tri suit.

BOB G. said...

I will have thie fit Kit on Monday the 4th.

jasonbsexton said...

Would definitely be interested in a tri suit? Are they being made by V-Gear as well?

Nancy_P said...

I am interested in the Tri suit. I guess in comes in womens too