Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Good Friday Ride Second Annual Percy Warner Metric

Come join me for a good training ride. Last year we had 2 riders, hoping to double participation this year.

Hill training ride perfect for 3 State 3 Mountain or Assault on Mount Mitchell
About 1000 ft of climbing per lap.

The Percy Warner Metric

1 Lap of Belle Meade Boulevard
3 Laps of the Percy Warner Park
Bike trek to Cheeseburger Charlies for Lunch and easy pedal back
2 more laps of Percy Warner Park
Post ride libations at Local Taco
Start at 8:00 AM, or slower or faster riders can start whenever. No signups, no sag, no support, no whining.


jasonbsexton said...

Where would we meet? Im interested in riding.

Tom B. said...


Meet at the Bellemeade Blvd entrance to the park. Look for my red Prius or Jennifer's blue Accord.



Jennifer said...

And you might want to bring extra water to leave in the car. Last time I rode the park, the water fountain was not working.

Also, the Belle Meade police are zealous in their enforcement of the speed limit--careful on the Blvd.

I have cue sheets for the park if you haven't ridden the loop before.

jasonbsexton said...

Can someone call me or leave a number in case I can't find that entrance? I've been to the OHB entrance but can't place the belle Meade one.


Jennifer said...

Belle Meade entrance is at the very end of Belle Meade Blvd.--it's the one with the big stairs.

Tom B. said...

I'll call you.