Friday, June 1, 2012

Mid-America 2012 Bike Tour

The group (missing 3) enjoying the euphoria after a LONG downhill into Gratz, KY.  This EXCELLENT adventure was organized and planned by Aussie Bob with Bruce's help.  Bruce, David S and I only got to do the section from Westmoreland to Cincinnati.  To share this ride see Bob's CrazyGuyonaBike journal.  I am sure Bruce and David will echo my sentiment in saying our only mistake was not staying for the entire 3-wk journey!  Believe me when I say, "Biking does not get any better!"


coastdownhills said...

This photo was taken by a helpful "trail angel" who happened by and stopped her car when she noticed us taking pictures. Such favors large and small are typical of what we experienced along the ride. Of the many great things about cycle touring the repeated affirmation of the basic good in mankind is my favorite.

Caledonia said...

Bruce & Tom, well done! Chapeau! DTI

monsieur cannonball said...

Good to see everyone looking so chipper. Congrats !