Monday, February 25, 2013


This will be our annual attempt to complete a FOGBEE Jersey order.  Collectively, we need to order at least ten (10) of the same style jersey (Short sleeve, sleeveless, long sleeve, etc...). After we meet that quota, we can order however many of any other product, but 10 of the same is the min requirement.  

March 31 is the deadline to place your order.  This is CASH ONLY order.  Give your check or cash to Doug Depew before the deadline.  If we do not meet the minimum, your money will be returned.  

** Check Them Out here The Fogbees Web Site **  Pricing is as follows:  (any overages after freight will be applied to renew our website or for the FOGBEE fall party)

Jerseys: Sleeveless $43, Short Sleeve $43, Long Sleeve $54, Trisuite: $80 each.  

Please express your interest by posting here, emailing or call me at 615-431-9821.  

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