Friday, February 15, 2013

Bike Clinic - Sat 23rd

Bikers Choice Hendersonville would like to host a bike clinic and self supported bike tour for you club/group next Saturday.  

At 8:00am. we will host two clinics,  a "how to fix a flat clinic" and a "How to do routine maintenance clinic".

At 9:00am, Kyle Taylor will lead a Metric Century  Metric Century  
At 9:15 am, Cameron will lead a Half metric century
We encourage everyone to ride at their personal touring pace and hope that people will create multiple groups at speed averages between 14-and 19mph.  We recommend parking in the Back lots of the 699 building and anywhere at BC. 

Some good pre-season tips for you to study up on are at 

David Hardin,
Bikers Choice


Lindsay said...
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Lindsay said...

This sounds great. Ira is really looking forward to some TLC, and I am looking forward the ride!

coastdownhills said...

This is a great thing. I plan to join both the training session and the metric half century. I've had both my bikes apart down to the pedal bearings (won't do that again) and regularly go to the Biker's Choice for help. They teach me something every time. What you learn can be the difference between peddling and walking. Or worse, calling your significant other for a rescue.

Miley said...

I'll be there for the metric. That's more miles than I've been riding but it's going to be a nice day and it's time to start ramping it up.

Mike said...

Gary, Dout and I will start with the long group, but cut it short for about a 40 mile route.

Mike Knake

Unknown said...

I plan to do Knake's shortened "metric". See everyone in the morning.