Tuesday, February 12, 2013

World's Top Ten Bike Rides

      Fox News thinks it has the list of the Worlds top ten bike routes.  Check out this link. If been to a few of these places and did the Going-to-the-Sun road in Glacier National Part, fortunately by car.  I trailed along behind a couple of bicyclists as they climbed "the divide."  I told myself repeatedly, Glacier is a spectacular park and the last in mainland USA not overrun by tourists, but I am thankful I am NOT doing this by bike.
      I think Dave Shumaker has the bike touring bug as do several other FOGBEES.  I was asked about the tour I created on Nova Scotia, which could be used as a bike trip.  Anybody have any other ideas for a bike tour?


coastdownhills said...

First it's great that Fox news sees fit to have a piece on cycling. Having never been to any of those places, I'll take his word.
Any destination that requires getting on an airplane will be tough. Cycling Glacier Park used to b on my bucket list but of late my bucket has gotten smaller. Nova Scotia just might fit in.

GARY said...