Friday, April 11, 2014

Pedals for Paws Alternative

If you are waffling on the P4P routes, thinking 30 is too short and 62 too long, I have created an amalgam of the two routes, retaining the best and eliminating the most painful.  The route is 43 miles long and I will be riding it at Turtle pace.  If you want to join me, seek me out at the start and/or comment to this post.  I'll head out with the 62-miler group but quickly drop back (more likely get dropped) near the airport. Here is a link to my alternative 


David S said...

I am in for the Turtle version of Pedal for Paws.

Tango Bravo said...

Tom E. It is not "getting dropped". I like to think of it as "dropping them from the back". Much more dignified, do't you think?

coastdownhills said...

I call it nailing down last place and defending my position against all challengers.
I'll be doing a turtle pace. 43 will be enough for me.

John Cummins said...

I'm with ya'll.