Monday, April 21, 2014

Stones River Ranger Guided Bike Tours Started April 5th

For those Fogbee members who are history buffs, the Stones River National Battlefield is offering ranger guided bike tours every Saturday throughout the summer. This is a great opportunity to learn some of our areas history through the Civil War as well as lowering your carbon footprint by riding your bicycle. This event is very family friendly and lasts about an hour and a half long.

If the group would like to make it a Fogbee event, I would be willing to get it set up with the park rangers. You can check out the information on this at the link below.



Tom_E said...

Several years ago we did "history rides" to visit the "pioneer past" of the Mero District (look it up). I did contact this Ranger to do a FOGBEE Civil War tour and Greenway Ride in M'boro. The problem was that most thought it was a long way to go for a relatively short bike ride.

bkortness said...

Tom, I was thinking sometime around the 4th of July, maybe we could organize a Hendersonville Historical Ride? I am sure we can come up with enough history to fill a 2 hour bike ride.