Thursday, April 24, 2014

USBR23 Spring Tour and the Fogbees

I was off work today so a Bikers Choice teammate(Josh Cook) and I decided to head up to Kentucky via Graffiti Road and then meet up with the Spring Tour group as they headed out on their weekend adventure. We missed the start but managed to catch up with them a few miles down the road. The Fogbees had by far the largest percentage of riders in the 25ish person group and the ride had perfect weather and a nice, safe route to ride. I stayed with them for 15 or so miles and had a great time talking with old and new friends.

If you haven't made any plans for riding this weekend and want to try something a little different, I would really recommend joining this group, meeting some new riders from outside our area, and take in some scenery in Tennessee that you most likely haven't ridden before. The group's pace is social/touring with many stops where you can get food and water as well as take in scenery.

Tomorrow's start will be in downtown Nashville and they will be riding out to the Henry Horton Inn. There will also be a longer distance ride on Saturday at a similar pace as well as a ride on Sunday so get out and give tour riding a try if you haven't done it before!

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