Thursday, April 17, 2014

Spring Tour - Final Advisory

. . The Final Advisory for the USBR23 Spring Tour was issued this morning.  A copy can be viewed by clicking here.  It was issued to 34 participants doing from one to all six legs of the tour starting at the KY border on Thursday morning (April 24'th) and ending in Ashland City on Tuesday (April 29'th).  Most participants are ending at the Alabama border on Saturday evening. 
. . Dinner has been scheduled for all on Friday evening (Date Night) at Henry Horton SP at 6PM and in Ardmore at the Alabama border at 5PM.


Kristi Draper said...

I have a few questions.. who can I contact directly? email or phone?


Tom_E said...

Please contact Dave Shumaker. As Ride Coordinator he is best for answering questions. You may address questions by email to