Saturday, October 11, 2008

Ride from Hartsville Next Wed

I will be leading a 60 mile ride from Hartsville next Wednesday, October 15. It's partly Fall Foliage and partly Avery Trace Scouting, but mostly a nice ride in a new place on what is my "weekend" this week. There are country stores about miles 15 and 40. Proposed route can be viewed at mapmyride Fort Blount West.
Plan to leave Big Looys Hendersonville 8:30 am and get back about 4:30 pm.


monsieur cannonball said...

Bruce, wish I was free to run with you. As it is , I need to heal my wallet post wedding expenses. Have a great ride !

coastdownhills said...

This could be a nice Saturday ride some pretty winter day. I've also done something similar in the spring when the smell of honeysuckle and Jasmine are too sweet to believe. The Autumn clors are not the only attraction.