Thursday, November 12, 2009


Please click here to enroll in Internet Training. Select what interests you. Sorry no drop-ins. I have got to know who plans to attend and what every person wants to study, so enrollment is required.

Please see 11/2/09 note (on registration Web Page) regarding scheduling of these sessions. Also, got to have a deadline to see who wants to do what. Plans will be based on registrations submitted by Wednesday, November 11'th.


GARY said...

I would love to do most of these except Saturday morning is our only day to ride so I suggest a different time.

Tom_E said...

Enter the time that suits you best. The Saturday was an option when it was going to rain, which was beginning to be the norm rather than the exception. Plus I was trying to find a day when most people who wanted to attend could make it. However, I am flexible to do it at times and dates that work best for those planning to attend a particular session.

BOB G. said...

Ii like the rain or cold day option.

Thank you for offering to do this. It will only make our club I mean group stronger.

mad1next said...

Answered your survey and agree that saturday morning is for riding but I would probably still do the training. Nicole would like to do the training as well. Thanks for doing this.