Friday, November 20, 2009

New FOGBEES watering hole ?!?!

Check out the Star News for announcement of what could be an alternative post ride / spin refreshment site. I'm sure that Doug and Gary will approve. According to the article, the Tilted Kilt offers an atmosphere akin to Hooters with a Scottish twist. The new venue will occupy the location where Applebees once operated.

Who knows ? Gary might actually find Larry Bird's cousin and Doug may find a substiute for Tamatha !



Caledonia said...

Aye laddies, sounds like a bonnie pub where a Scot can wear his tartan! Ply me wi' sufficient Guinness an' I'll show ye wha' a Scotsman wears under the kilt!

Tom_E said...

Mi' welsh grandaddy tol' me ye scots wore dresses because ya' had nothin' significant to cover.