Monday, January 12, 2009

Basic bike care class Sat Jan,17 10:00 AM

On Saturday January 17th at 10 am the Fogbees lead by Bruce Day will be putting on a basic bike care clinic at Big Looy’s. This clinic is designed to teach the basics of bike care to include tire changing and small adjustments and repairs. These are the things that will help you to get back safely when you are ridding and something goes wrong with your bike. This course is free and open to all Fogbees or just the curious public.

I am encouraging all of the Fogbees to join us even if you are comfortable with bike repairs. This will be a great day to get together with friends as it will be too cold to ride outside. If that is not enough we will be having lunch at Looy’s after the class and they have 2 for one draft’s on Saturday.

Please see post below for any questions.


Miley said...

too cold? too COLD?? TOO COLD??? Why, it should be above freezing by noon. Anyone else up for a post-class or post-lunch ride?

coastdownhills said...

David M,
I may very well be up for a ride after lunch providing it's above 40 degrees, I'm not too two for one'd and or just too lazy. Anyway, I'll come prepared.

All potential students. Any one wanting to practice removing and replacing a tire on a wheel, please bring your own front wheel and the tool kit under your seat. If you have not already practiced this, I strongly suggest you do so. Some combinations of tires and wheels are devilishly difficult and now's a good time. Also anyone with tubes needing a puncture repair, bring them and we'll practice on them. Or tell you if a repair is inadvisable.

See you all Sat at BL's at ten am. A flier was posted at BL's so we may have some potential new Fogbees.


KJ said...

i'll be there