Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ride with an Australian - Saturday 25'th

. . My Aussie cycling friend, Bob Schofield, is back cycling in the USA this year. He is riding from Chicago to Nashville this July.
. . I plan to join him at Kenlake state park on the western edge of Land Between the Lakes on Saturday, July 25 and ride with him 4 days. First to Clarksville, 60 miles, then through Ashland City to Montgomery Bell State park, 50 miles,. From there we will go to Hohenwald via the Ride Across Tennessee route, 62 miles, then back up the Natchez Trace Parkway to the Loveless Cafe. We will stay In motels and forage as we go, otherwise known as credit card touring.

All Fogbees and anyone else up the treat of lunch in such places Ashland city's Riverview Restaurant should consider joining us for some or all of the ride. Let me know if you are interested and we can discuss details. I hope to get him on our Thursday ride on July 30th.


Caledonia said...

Hey all, after strategizing with Bruce, fairly early Sunday morning I'm going to bike from my Nashville/Inglewood house to Riverview Catfish Restaurant in Ashland City and meet Aussie Bob and Bruce and tag along for the remaining 3 days of their ride. Those that would like to do the ride but not the drive to LBL are welcome to come and park at my house which is at 2008 Riverwood Drive, Nashville, TN 37216-2934; Mapquest has a good city map location. My route to Riverview Restaurant is mostly West Trinity Lane (now 4-lane) and Ashland City Hwy (SR 12), about 25 fairly flat miles, not very scenic but expedient. From Riverview to MBSP is another approx 25 miles w/slightly more topography and lot more scenery. Let me know if interested.

Caledonia said...

Um, that's Sunday morning July 26th when I start pedaling to meet Bruce & Aussie Bob, not any sooner (I'm slow but not that slow).

coastdownhills said...

Plans have changed a bit for me. I will be joining the ride in KY tomorrow. We well still leave Clarksville Sunday Am and Montgomery Bell SP Monday AM so anyone wanting to join us may meet up along the route. I'll be on my cell. niner fife seven ate won too fife.