Saturday, July 25, 2009

July Newsletter

I had several items to share and it seemed simpler to put them in a newsletter rather than posting everything individually on the Blog. Click here to read newsletter


Tom B. said...

Thanks for putting together the newsletter. Great job.

I would like to propose that at Jack and Back if we have a club tent, we call it "the Beehive".

Also, the joint ride with Veloteers was great. I have heard people asking to put links to our website/blog on there site. Maybe we could ask Veloteers, Harpeth, etc. Mark Evans from ACME made an effort to stop at Station Camp HS and talk to us today. I think he would put a link on his store website. Of course we should reciprocate by returning the favor.

Tom_E said...

We have links to all the major clubs in our area (see Site Map) and all clubs are more than welcome to link to the blog and website.
The unwritten rule on the Internet is "please link to our site because that is one of the criteria search engines use for listing a site." PLUS almost every site considers it a complement when another site links to them.