Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Survey & Jerseys

We have had several requests for FOGBEE jerseys. We'll put an order together for those who want one, two, etc. PLEASE POST quantity and male/female dimensions. We have a minimum qty that we must meet. Here is what is on order.

While you're at it, fill out a survey so we can provide the type of activities everyone wants.

In order to keep FOGBEE adventures fresh and interesting, Bob, Bryan, Bruce, Doug, and I have prepared a short survey to seek your ideas. Please click here.

We ask that ALL FOGBEES complete it as soon as possible so we can be working on what you want to do.

Not a member? Yet! We are interested in your ideas also. Please help.

RESULTS 7/14/09 - Click Here - Want to change, add, modify? Make copy of spreadsheet with your changes and send to Only 30 contributions thus far.


monsieur cannonball said...

where can we view results of poll ?

freewheel said...

I'm interested in the results too. Thanks for the effort of creating the survey. If you get few responses, how about collecting info at an after ride lunch -- recording info, show of hands, or passing out questionnaire with pencils. Would you need a strong voice/personality to herd the cats (Fogbees)??!!

Doug_D said...

Come on fellow riders, express your needs/preferences. Our motto is "Where Cycling is Fun". Put your 2 cents in to make it fun for you!! We would like 100% participation.

Nancy_P said...

I filled out a survey but didn't see my name listed. If you didn't get it let me know and I will do it again.


Tom_E said...

Nancy, you're #26

Queenie said...

Hello, all. I completed the survey about a week or two ago. I would love to purchase 2 jerseys: 1 ladies large and 1 men's XL. Thanks!

Miley said...

Put me down for a mens large jersey

Mike Poole said...

I need the following:
1 men's medium
1 men's x-large