Thursday, July 16, 2009

Another Tennessee Cyclist Hit

Here's another example of "traffic justice" that's geared up to fail bicyclists once again. Police are unaware of the 3ft law on the scene, or they're reluctant to write a ticket when someone is seriously injured because of the legal ramifications or they simply think the bicyclist shouldn't have been there.

In the case of David Meek in Chattanooga, killed after being run over by a truck on the way to work, law enforcement didn't write a ticket. The Grand Jury decided not to pursue charges against the driver. The only justice is for David's family to sue the driver and the company he works for. And I'm not sure the family is that interested, but we'll see.

Here are the lessons, and we'll see them again. The public thinks bicycles don't belong, including law enforcement. That means unless something is done, tickets won't be written when the 3ft law is violated. Grand juries won't find fault because the bicyclist should have been on the sidewalk, and many times they follow the officer's assessment (who, remember, didn't write a ticket.) Bicyclists are currently treated somewhere close to the dead animal you see squashed on the road.

Folks, a group of people interested in advocacy are meeting on August 8 to form a "forming committee" to start up a state-wide bicycle advocacy organization to address this and other statewide bicycling issues. If you're interested in helping with the state-wide organization, stay tuned for ways you can help. A simple letter, phone call, bumper sticker, or a financial contribution to the organization and its efforts will go a long way.

. . . Pat Clements

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comte23 said...

Did you know that there is a effort to get a "Share The Road" license plate started? They need 1000 pre-orders in order for the plates to go into production. Here is where I found out about the cause.