Wednesday, October 6, 2010

"Share the Road" Stinks

Steve Magas, Bike Lawyer, says 'Share The Road', actually STINKS as a marketing legal concept in fact, it’s not legal at all."


GARY said...

Excellent article. My thoughts exactly. .

GARY said...
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Caledonia said...

So my inference is that Bike Lawyer Magas thinks all bicycling related highway signs, and presumably bike lanes, and comparable signs cautioning motorists that in addition to bicyclists, there may be Amish buggies, or farm tractors, or some other comparatively slow moving vehicle on the road ahead, ought to be removed leaving no such reminders to motorists just because we all have the same legal right to use the same roadway? Sorry, I think his perspective and logic on such cautionary signage is flawed. Think Mr. Magas ought to re-direct his focus onto the rumble strip issue which are going to get a bicyclist killed if they haven't already somewhere. 'Nuf said. DTI

KJ said...

Overall the signs should be observed equally by cars and bikes. We cyclists should share OUR road with cars.

Maybe there is better wording to express that bicycles have the same rights.

Overall it all remains an education issue in my opinion... motorist need to recognize that the Amish, joggers and 18 wheel trucks all have the same right on public roads.