Friday, November 7, 2014

UPDATE - PRICE REDUCTION for ORDER for Long Sleeve Jerseys, Jackets and Summer Jerseys NOW READY TO BE PLACED


We added some vests to our order.  As a result, the price went down even further than originally thought.

We are now ready to order the jerseys and jackets.  We will need to collect the money so that we can place ther order.  

The Long Sleeve Jersey cost has dropped to $62 from $72.00.

The Jacket cost has dropped to $116 from $126.00.

The Summer Jersey dropped to $50 from $51.00.   ( Those of you who paid for the summer jerseys already are due a refund )

The vests that we ordered are going to run $80.00 down from original price of $118. 

We will be at Sam's following the ride Saturday -  SHOULD BE THERE BY 1:00.   We will be at Brixx on Monday night at 5:30, Bluegrass Bar and Grille after spin on Tuesday (around 8:00).  You can bring the money to spin on Tuesday if you would like.

We will be somewhere next Saturday, Nov 15th also, 


Dave, Doug, Gary and Mike

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Tammy Gibson said...

I will be at Bluegrass Bar and Grill tonight to pay you. Thanks guys!