Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Really Unacceptable service tonight at Sams Sports Bar and Grill

All- We used to start all our rides at Sams Sports Bar and Grill.   In the last year, we have moved our Thursday night ride to Brixx and Saturday to other restaurants like Bluegrass.

Tonight should have been embarrassing for Sams Sports Bar and Grill as Marsh and I arrived at 6:45, and at 8:02 had still not been approached for our second drink and no food order.  Our waiter snapped at Mike Knake that he didn't seem to understand that they were busy (after waiting an hour and 15 minutes.)  I asked for the manager, and he was in my terms "Totally Useless" even defending the waiter as one of the best.  He also chastised Mike for raising his voice at the waiter.   He failed to apologize for the service level or do anything about it.  Marsha was so pissed she just left.  We had 23 patrons there tonight and got treated like crap!!

If you feel the same way about our service tonight, please go to the Sams website and send them a complaint telling about your lousy experience.  I also mentioned in my complaint that not only the club patronizing, but all the business customers I have brought there for lunch or dinner.  If I don't get a good answer, we may ride from their parking lot, but I may not spend my money there!!

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