Sunday, April 10, 2016

Congratulations to Pedal For Paws

      The 6'th Annual Pedal for Paws Ride continues to set the standard of bike rides designed for bicyclists.  It had the behind the scenes touch of the old master Bruce Day making sure the event addressed all issues that may be important to bicyclists from great routes, excellent rest stops, exceptional support from police, EMTs, Radio Amateur Emergency Service, and Motorcycle Safety Riders.  Even the unusually cold weather could not keep participants away.    
      Special kudos goes to Kim Sullivan, Ride Director, whose tireless dedication has made Pedal for Paws the event to emulate. 


coastdownhills said...

Many Fogbees were involved. Mike Knacke did route planning and coordinating with the Fogbees. Doug Depew, Brett Dauer, David Shumaker, Tom Evans, and Tom Benim marked the route. Sherri Knacke and Marsha DePew manned the Fogbee Rest stop on E. Robertson. Every Fogbee who braved the cold to support the ride made the ride better.

I used to consider the Big Hill Challenge the acme of local rides for support and scenery. The Pedal for Paws is now second to none.

Ed T said...

Great ride and great job Bruce and all the Fogbee volunteers! I love Queen, but I think they could have chosen a different song for the video.

Unknown said...

Great job everyone. It was a fun & safe ride.

DTI said...

Great video, thanks to whoever made and posted it.

Jeff Gibson said...

Nice video... Phantom 3?