Thursday, April 14, 2016


From: June McMahon, April 14, 2016
Subject: Re: Pedal for Paws 2016

Gallatin newspaper. Probably White house, Hendersonville too.  This crew will also be featured in the Indian Lake Peninsula Living magazine.


Brian beisel said...

Congrats to the organizers, sponsors, and riders that supports this event. Great job!!!!

Mike said...

Ok-who is the big kid at the petting zoo?

And How many Fogbees does it take to mark a road?

coastdownhills said...

It takes as many as we can get. It helps to like barbecue. The Top Hog always figures prominently in the marking.

A staged picture. The several people petting the donkey backed away just as David S snapped the picture. Then so did the donkey.