Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Sanders Ferry Greenway

      This month's article in the Indian Lake Peninsula Living magazine outlines the plans for a greenway along Sanders Ferry Road.

     This large glossy magazine is mailed monthly by N2 Publishing to residents of Indian Lake Peninsula.  A sister copy with personalized articles is available to residents of Fairvue Plantation.  Ed Thomas has been known to write for it.
     We've written about 30 articles over the past couple of years and are always looking for ideas and photos about which to write. HINT!  In future copies the Indian Lake version, we will cover the Warrior Bike Trail and Pedal for Paws and include lots of pictures of FOGBEES.  Bob, Doug, Bruce, Phil, Miley, the Peel Family, Haley, Kellie, Christy, just to name a few, have shared their biking experiences.  Send me a note. 

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