Sunday, June 8, 2008

Fall Foliage Tour 08

Now that it's hot as blue blazes we can anticipate with favor a ride in cooler weather. And it's never too soon to begin planning. For this year's fall ride I propose a Saturday/Sunday out and back from Hendersonville to Cedars of Lebanon State park. The ride could be as short as 40 miles and relatively flat to whatever and hilly. To avoid back tracking as much as possible, about 60 miles each day would work well.
The park has cabins but no restrauant on site. We could drive back about ten miles to Lebanon or take stuff to prepare at the cabins. Their Delux AAA cabins rent for about $110/night and advertise to sleep 6 but that depends on the mix. Each cabin has two bedrooms and another double bed in a loft. I have usually slept on the couch and done very well.
The time can be from late October to mid November. It seems middle TN weather gets bad about first of October but then we have a warm dry spell mid November. No promises but it worked out well enough for Red Boiling Springs last year. Ok, there was a miseble headwind coming back.

Other/future options are a drive to Henry Horton and do some loops. Rock Island State park is also a good option for a drive and ride weekend.

Let me know who is interested and any preferences for dates and place. We can work on difficulty level of routes etc as planning progresses.


GARY said...

We have the Jack and Back in early Oct. and as long as it's not during Holloween (I DJ then) I'd be ok with some date in later Oct. or Cedars Of Leb.

monsieur cannonball said...

Just curious, would anyone besides me be for doing another ride to Red Boiling Springs ? Can't beat the scenery or the romantice setting in the hills of Tennessee. I'd like another look at that covered bridge !

Nik the Stik said...

A thought for future trips: Being a state employee, I can get a discount on lodging as long as I am staying in the Cabin.

Even if it wasn't a "Lite" ride, helping some Foggers save a few bucks would be okay with me.