Friday, January 28, 2011

More Progress for Tennessee Bicyclists

Hey Frank (Bowyers), Remember back in the days of the Hendersonville Greenway Committee and you bitched to me about the bicycle stuff being removed from the Driver’s License manual.  Well, I took the problem to the MPO and TDOT and kept after it.  We got a promise last year that it was going back on the manual. It’s done!  See below.

I think our sub-committee had some pretty good successes: a great start at a Greenway WITH a bridge over Drake’s Creek, bike lane restored in front of Thorntons, the driver’s manual fixed, bike lane signs removed from Wessington (due to unsafe conditions), David’s bike routes in the Hendersonville Long Range Transportation Plan, a new bike club for Hendersonville.  We didn’t get everything we were working for, but for the short time it was in existence I think our sub-committee did pretty good.

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Good afternoon, I just wanted to let you know that the Tennessee Department of Safety contacted me earlier today to let me know that the new TN  Comprehensive Driver's Manual has been released and is available at testing centers and online at: The primary section containing information on Sharing the Road can be found in Section C-3 of the new manual. 
Have a great weekend!
Jessica L. Wilson, Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator
TDOT Long-Range Planning

January 28, 2011

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