Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I'ts NOW the LAW - This Bill's for YOU!

5/15/11 Update: Governor signed the BILL
4/14/11 NOON Update: BILL CLEARS SENATE VOTE - Thanks to those that helped.
This bill is now moving through the General Assembly. HB 1007 passed the House Transportation Sub-committee today and will be heard in the full House Transportation Committee next week.  Please contact  your state representative and ask them to support the bill especially if they are on the House Transportation Committee. Ask them to become co-sponsors of the bill.

SB 1171 passed the Senate Transportation Committee and was scheduled for the Senate Floor on Monday on a “consent” calendar.  This is a group of bills that are considered non-controversial and are voted on at the same time. This is usually what happens unless one Senator wishes to “bump” a bill and force it to be heard on the regular calendar with other bills.  SB 1171 was bumped by Senator Stacey Campfield of Knoxville. We do not know why. The bill will be heard on the regular Senate calendar on Thursday April 14 at 9 am.
I need everyone interested in this bill all across the state to contact your Senators NOW and ask them to support SB 1171 on Thursday. The bill is sponsored by Senator Berke and co-sponsored by Senator Roberts, Woodson, Tate, Ketron and Marrero. If one of these is your Senator please thank them for their support. If your Senator is not listed please call and ask for their help. You can reach any Senator by calling 1-800-449-8366 or go here to find yours. Call if you can because they receive hundreds of emails.
We need to make contact Wednesday in order to make ourselves heard by 9 am Thursday morning.
Thanks, Carey Rogers, Bike Walk Tennessee

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