Monday, May 30, 2011

More Tri Stuff

Thanks Lisa for being the photographer.  Tommy took pictures but hasn't posted yet.  Below is one from my friend Sarah from M'boro.  Both She and husband Steve made the podium. She is 50 and he is 60 and started doing Tri's this year.  She never swam before but took lessons this year.
Also liked her nice BIG hug as Phil & I crossed the finish.


Tom_E said...

Sarah posted some pictures of FOGBEES on her FACEBOOK. Here is some of the comments.

Beth wrote: "I had never heard of the Fogbees had you? I loved their teamkits and team spirit! What a turn out they had:-)"

Sarah wrote: "Yes - I love the FOGBEEs...I've known of them for a few years, but have gotten to know Tom Evans via my involvment with Bike Walk Tennessee. Great group of Fat Old Guys, and Fine Old Gals on Bikes!"

Beth wrote:"Maybe I'd fit in!LOL"

bed2 said...

Wunderbar! Miss Marsha on your podium stand. By the looks of the people's faces at the finish, with Doug's back to the camera they appeared concerned he would make it.

Congratulations, to all... and to all a good night... since it appears everyone is sleeping in this morning.

GARY said...

Great job Fogbees. Maybe next year if I learn to swim.

coastdownhills said...

Congratulations! You guys have been an inspiration with your dedication to training for running and swimming.