Thursday, July 21, 2016

Frank and Heather's Pool Party Routes, Saturday 7/23/16

Even if you do not plan on attending the pool party after the ride, please come join us for some different roads than what we normally ride.

The ride will start at 8:00 in Ridgetop at the Highland Chapel Union Church on Highland St.

Three routes are proposed below.   It will be a hot day.  Drink lots of water.  Regardless of what route you take, you can take 257 all the was back to the Church and avoid Smiley Hollow if the heat is getting to you (This is known as the Woody Short Cut).

Please watch the decent  on Edgar Dillard Rd as you approach the left turn on to Smiley Hollow.   Very Steep and there could be wash out.

47 mile route Water Stops at 15, 24 and 37

40 mile route  Water Stops at 15 and 30

37 mile route  Water Stops at 15 and 30

For the last water stop on each route, you will need to turn left (west) on 257 and cross over 431 to get to the BP station.  Once you are hydrated, head back east on 257 to get back on route.  It is about .2 miles to the BP station.

The 15 mile water stop is the Twice Daily.  The 24 on the long route is the Marathon Station.

Thanks to Frank and Heather for all they have done to make this a great event.

See you on the road,

Mike Knake


Unknown said...

I'll be there! Bwahahahahaha!!!!!! Just a little FYI....there just might be JELLO SHOTS making the rounds at the party after the ride! Just sayin.....HA!

Brian beisel said...

Can't find route by this name, 40 Pool Party Route. Please let me know what name to search in RWGPS.

Unknown said...

Brian.....I'm not sure why you would need to search for the routes. The links are right above on the blog post.

Brian beisel said...
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Brian beisel said...

I have it now. I search so I can download to iPhone.

Ed T said...

Since I am moving out of state next week I still have packing to do and this may be my last Fogbee ride. I can only do one of the shorter rides and unfortunately cannot make the pool party.