Graphic Images created for FOGBEE caps, jerseys, and shirts are save on FOGBEE Google Drive.  Click this link to VIEW and/or DOWNLOAD these files.

Three kinds of image files are available: raster, vector, and icon.  Raster images are non-scale-able for computer display and printer output.  They JPG, GIF, PNG, and BMP. These files can be displayed/edited in almost every commonly available photo-editing program.

Vector images are scale-able files required for the creation of clothing products, displays, and banners.  EPS are Encapsulated Postscript Vector graphics (Adobe Illustrator) file format used in vector-based images in Adobe Illustrator, AI are Adobe Illustrator, CDR are Corel Draw Graphics file format, and PDF are Adobe Photoshop.  These files require drawing software for viewing, which is expensive and not commonly available.  Unfortunately, these very complex mathematical files don't always render comparably between programs.

PDF is a very complex file structure that can contain either raster or vector content.  Jersey proofs are always provided in PDF's with vector content.

Icon images are tiny non-scale-able files for computer desktop short-cuts. They are ICO.

This store also contains two programs that work with vector files: Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.  They work with Microsoft XP, but may have issues with Windows 10.

The serial # for Photoshop is 1045-1412-5685-1654-6343-1431

The serial # for Illustrator is 1034-1415-6230-2341-2884-9398

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