Last week I was clearing up some of my posts that were more like personal emails than of general interest. Among them was the Yazoo jersey post in response to Gary's question as to how Yazoo fit into the FOGBEE history. Apparently there was considerable general interest in the Yazoo story so here it is. 

      When this group was first evolving, some of the members, mostly Brett in my memory, served "Growlers" of Yazoo beer at his home. Someone had the idea of calling ourselves the Yazoo patrol and requesting Yazoo supply us with free beer in exchange for the immense publicity associated with such a discriminating group.  
     Justin Mitchell, a past chairman of the Hendersonville Greenways and avid mountain biker emailed us the idea was already taken. On further discussion, he suggested we had more in common than it first appeared, mostly our self deprecating approach to cycling. He invited us to order and wear the jersey's and hang out at their raucous events. Back then the only examples of the jersey were the standard bodyless ones so our interest was not so much. But I still much appreciate their slogan "We didn't come to win, but we might."
. . .  Bruce Day


Tom, Great to hear from you! Tell everybody “trying to fight city hall” that I said hello and I think of you guys all the time. I would love to check in some time and say hi and see how things have progressed. I agree that if you give up now it will be too late for Hendersonville to ever make a real comeback. With all the development taking place at the moment someone has to at least make people aware that it needs to be done upfront and incorporated into the development plan. If you let the developers say they will do it later, it will never happen. If I can ever help make something happen, just give me a call I would love to help in the fight in anyway.

Later, Justin Mitchell
Ambassadors of Fun

Where Did We Get the FOGBEE Name?
Little known, the name FOGBEES resulted of negative comment by Hendersonville Mayor Scott Foster.  While Tom Evans was presenting the goals of the Hendersonville Greenways Committee (HGC) in May 2006 to the Board of Aldermen and Mayor, Mayor Foster retorted that HGC was only interested in building facilities for high-speed bikers.  He continued with public statements to that effect anytime the HGC tried to promote the development of pedestrian and biking facilites and Greenways for Hendersonville.  

     Only one member of the HGC, Frank Bowyer IV, could be identified as a high-speed biker.  One member, Cathy Haley, didn't ride a bike at all and the rest of us -- Jamie Clary, Bruce Day, Doug Depew, Tom Evans, and David Hardin -- were far from high-speed bikers; we were more like fat old guys on bikesBruce Day abbreviated that as FOGB in his communications about the group and from that was born FOGBees.
. . .  Tom Evans 

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