We have experimented with several on-line mapping programs.  Most of our maps are now done with RideWithGPS.

Although it is not as full featured as MapMyRide, RideWithGPS provides for FREE print-outs of Cue Lists and downloads of GPX tracks .  We have not yet found any mapping software that easy to read ride maps. As far as accuracy (e.g. knowing which roads are paved or actually exist), the Detailed County Maps seemed to be the best.


Map Your Bike Ride. This NEW Web Site is excellent and easy to use. Quickly plot a route and it automatically adds a FREE Cue Sheet and display a dynamic elevation profile. You can also view your route by satellite, combo, OSM, and terrain. View key stats like mileage and elevation. Embed it DYNAMICALLY into a blog (warning uses FLASH which does not work with iPhone.) Download GPX tracks to hiking/biking GPS units.

The FOGBEE Page on RideWithGPS is at


Map Your Bike Ride. This FULL feature Web Site is relatively easy to use. Quickly plot routes and add Cue Sheet notes. Show a satellite, a combo, a topo, or on Google Earth.  With a mouse click display an elevation profile. Set up a Group Club site or share with friends. Track training history and progress using My Training feature. Integrate cycling routes in training calendar and view key stats like calories, total mileage, speed, power, and more. Used to be completely free, but now they charge BIG BUCKS to print maps & cue sheets.

BIKELY is a new website for cycling enthusiasts. You can map out your favorite bike rides, include Cue Sheets, and interact with other cyclists. No where near the features of MapMyRide and lacks Group collaboration.


Toporoute, lets you trace your route on the map and display the elevation change. You can create links to the map and share it by mailing the link. You can save the route, bookmark it, or email the route. You download the route as a GPX file: Not capable to read GPX files back into TopoRoute.


Click here for access of TDOT's detailed maps of county roads in PDF format.  They provide great detail suit-able for documenting rides on non-city roads.

1) Select a county 2) Open in Acrobat Reader 3) Expand on your screen and then print using "current view" option.

As an alternative use camera tool to copy to clip-board and paste into your photo-editing program.  "Paint" your route