Blog Thread provides name labels that can be put on your bike, helmet or other cycling gear. Brian Beisel contacted the company and had them add our FOGBee bee to the available choices. For an order of 20 or more a 50% discount ($5.00 a sheet vs. $10) for a sheet of 4 labels is available.

Blog Thread

The hat looks similar to the following - Depends on the hat you choose. 

Ink 'n Screens has all the digitized artwork used for the hats so anyone can stop by there and order one if they wish. They can order just about any style hat or take one they purchased elsewhere for embroidery.

On the front will be the Fogbee Bee holding his mug of beer. 

On the left side will be a cycling graphic, we want everyone to know we are a cycling club. 

On the back will be 
The thread color of the cycling graphic and letters can be changed to provide contrast with selected hat color. For example, a black hat might look best with white or yellow thread color used in the bee. The bee colors will not change. 

The style/color of the hat will be up to each person that wants one. The link below is the Flexfit hat I plan to bulk order that has many color choices.

The hat price depends on how many hats are in the bulk order but you can see this hat is less than $10. Follow the instructions on the website if you don't know your hat size. There are only two sizes S/M or L/XL. 

The additional cost of embroidery The estimate is around $17 for embroidery.

Blog Thread

When we’re ready to do another order, all we have to do is contact ALE Bike Wear and they will put the jersey on the page with the price depending on which level of jersey we decide to get at the time.  Then anyone can order and once we hit the 10 piece min we’re good …. We would just have to tell them when to close the page and release the order to the factory.

Here’s the instructions:

FOGBEES TEAM store is on line, to register your account follow these simple steps:

1) click on this link and register the account

2) look at your mail and confirm your registration 

3) go to and log in to your account clicking on

4) if you are already registered to send an email to we will upgrade your account to your team store. 


    The CODE WELCOME25 is not valid for custom clothing.

    Don’t register directly to the website but use the link 

 If you need anything else from me just let me know.

Tony Hernandez

  Long Sleeve   $52
  Short Sleeve   $41
  Sleeveless      $41
  Skull cap         $10


The Tee Shirts cost is $11.50 (includes Sales tax). 
Contact Bob Glutting at

Following is FYI ONLY: Nancy is out-of-business
The High/Low Profile is for the standard hat, shown in pictures, that everyone ordered the last time.   This price includes the Hat, Fogbee Logo and the Cycling Club stitched on the back of the hat.   
Black, Lite Blue, Dk Blue

Nancy Wilson  HTT145
Hometown Threads,
204 N Anderson Ln, 
Hendersonville, TN 37075-6926
(615) 264-8868

High or Low Profile
1-9      $23.99 ea.
10-23    $17.99 ea.
24-47    $15.99 ea.
48-95    $13.99 ea.
96+      $11.99 ea.
Flex Fit Caps 
1-9    $28.99 ea.
10-23  $25.99 ea.
24-47  $22.99 ea.
48-95  $19.99 ea.
96+    $16.99 ea.