Ride Long Distances over Several Days
with Emphasis on Pleasure, Adventure, and Autonomy 

It's about discovering new areas, seeing GREAT sunsets, sunrises, views or whatever, while out on a sometimes lonely road and marveling about it.

It's about taking the time to get off the bike, just to look, to explore, to take some photos, and to talk to strangers, on the side of the road, at a roadside stand, in a grocery store, or in a local diner. It's about telling them how much we enjoy spending time in their area.

Lots of times, we find people, even kids looking over our rigs. We chat with them and enlighten them about bicycle touring.
Aussie Bob, Bruce Day, David Irvine
tour Great Britain
in 2006

The website has become the worldwide depository of the journals of bike tourists.  As the FOGBEE club was just forming Bruce, long time bicyclist of over 25 years, was writing a journal (click here to read it) with Bob and David, and detailing their 2006 tour of Great Britain.

Ride Across Tennessee 2013

This 2013 Ride started in Hville and ended about 320 miles
down the road in Damascus VA with the last 24 miles
along the Virginia Creeper.

Shutterfly: With captions
     Day 1: To Carthage -
     Day 2: To Monterey -
     Day 3: To Oak Ridge -
     Day 4: To Bean Station -
     Day 5: To Kingsport -
     Day 6: Creeper Trail -   

Mid-America 2012

This 2012 was planned by Aussie Bob and Bruce Day for a group
of longtime friends who traveled America by bike. 
Fogbees were invited to participate. 
It started at Bruce's house and ended in Washington DC.  
Fogbees rode only to Cincinnati.

Interested in planning a Tour?  Click here for Ken Kifer's recommendations.
If you're planning to lead a tour, you need to be skilled in Mapping.