Monday, January 28, 2008

What Was That? Am I Hit??

Sunday on my ride back, I separated from the group to return earlier. On Drakes Creek Road a White Ford Pickup Truck with extended cab approached at a high rate of speed. WhaP!! it hit me in the back like a ton of bricks forcing me forward and almost wrecking the bike. Had I been shot? Things mentally slowed as the adrenaline kicked in and I watched the truck speed by and felt the pressure and pain. I then heard shards falling onto the pavement. The pain of the impact increased. I realized that I had been hit by a 32 oz cup full of coke and ice by some teenagers. They were going so fast it was impossible to catch the tag, but one defining element was the dark tinted windows. It is the reason I don't own a gun, as if I had one, I would have unloaded all clips!!. I called the police and started to report it, they put me on hold. By the time they got back with me, the truck could have been almost anywhere in the county. I am sure that it was their great fun to take my life in their hands seeing if they could wreck me. It was not funny and I am having trouble finding a heart of forgiveness. Maybe another good reason for not riding alone. This is truly a sad state of affairs when you can't enjoy your favorite pass time without fear of assault.


Miley said...

Geez! I am very sorry that happened, Doug, but glad to hear your alright. I'm sure we all did things as kids we shouldn't have, but this could have put you in serious harm's way. Waht about the police? Did they offer any response?

KJ said...

I've always pondered the idea of a small bike mounted video recorder that would just retain a couple of minutes.

My concept is that a shock sensor (as in the impact of the bike hitting the ground) would stop the recording after a short delay.

This could capture the actions and possibly even the tag number when the rider could not do it.

It's not perfect because of the innumerable angles involved. But would people really buy something like this? I have a $25 camera that does everything sans the impact switch. I've used it to catch video on trail at Lock Four.

Should I persue the idea?

Tom_E said...

Your Report makes me almost as made as you must have felt, but we are glad this incident didn't result in serious injury to you. However, having said that 1) did you complete your police report? 2) Could you recognize the truck if you saw it again (I suspect we might see it again and it would be helpful to complete that report with potential civil action if not criminal action)
Unfortunately, this moronic situation is why we need to encourage riding in groups.

Doug_D said...

Thanks for your words of support.

To answer Dave and Tom, I reported it to the police, and although the officer was nice, nothing will ever be done.

KJ, If the thing worked and the video was sharp, it would at least provide a record. I am not a marketing type so I don't know if it would sell.

Tom, I would recognize the model etc. but a Ford F series King Cab is pretty common. One thing is the dark tint that would limit how many are around here.

coastdownhills said...

Very glad you are ok physically but also know how much it hurts. There is something to riding in a group. I've had stuff tossed at me many times, always when I was solo. But then I've been swiped, which is actually more dangerous, more frequently when with a group. A real reminder that we are more like a possum than a Buick.

GARY said...

I've been retained by some very nice country kids who say they were riding innocently on the road when some old guy on a bike; riding like he was drunk in the middle of the road and giving every car the finger almost hit their car. The passanger had a glass of ice water in his hand and bc of your recklessness it fell out the window and cooled you off. He had a remote camera on his car and you have been identified as the culprit. A lawsuit for emotional distress and the loss of his drink is being prepared as I speak. See you in Court Mr. Dangerous bike rider. Counsel for the Plaintiff.