Monday, May 5, 2008


Hello fellow FOGBees and I hope everyone is Ok. I have been thinking about this for several months (sounds scary, right?) and would like some feedback. I would like for us to have a party this summer along these lines:
1. Pick a Saturday evening in June and rent Glen Oaks Clubhouse in Hendersonville. The cost is $100 so that is no big deal for us. I have Dj'd parties there and it is a very nice place to have a party. We should try and reserve the clubhouse in the next week or so.
2. We can have pot luck and everyone can bring a dish and drinks, as alcohol is permitted.
3. I suggest this be an adult only party and the theme be the the Disco Era with "costumes" optional.
4. I'm willing to DJ the party so music, lights and the disco ball is free for all who attend.
5. There is a pool so people can swim if they want.
6. FOGBees can invite other friends/couples to attend.
Well what do you think? Certainly this can be voted on in a week as there are no "Jerseys" involved here! -----TOM, could you also email this out to the FOGBees email addresses, as I know that some guys do not check our Blog.------See you all Tuesday.


Tango Bravo said...

Hope 6/7 nor 6/14 is not the date as that is BRAG week.

coastdownhills said...

Sounds fine but I'm out of town and can't check my schedule till Friday.

monsieur cannonball said...

Gary, you da man ! Great suggestion and great offer. Saturday June 14 or 28 work for me and Rosemary.

Mike said...

The only time that doesn't work for me is June 28th.


Doug_D said...

June 21 works the best for Marsha and I. We could attend on the 14th or the 28th, but she has to get up to work at 5:00am in the morning so we would not be late. The 21 leaves some challenge as this is our Family weekend with our daughter and husband from Georgia. This also means that Michelle and Grandaughter Mariah (almost 13) would have to have an invite, sort of all or none. I think we could open it to that agegroup as long as we "guarded the beer" Hannah, Phils daughter might want to come as Gary's Mikel. - Comments??

GARY said...

I have called the Glen oaks Clubhouse and won't hear from them until Friday about the 21st of June which seems to work for everyone. Phil called and said he was OK with it. Hopefully that date is OK but if not we could try the 20th (friday). As far as non-adults I would say that, in your case Doug OK, but I think we should try and keep it adult and invite our adult friends. I don't intend on asking the kids to come but we can discuss this further.

coastdownhills said...

14th and 21st work for me also.