Wednesday, April 15, 2009

River Road Compromise

Many of you may not follow the great Blog produced by MPO Region #3. so I would like to point out they have four interesting Editorials. A significant editorial was included by Rep Gary Moore, who initiated the bill to ban cyclists from River Road. His editorial can be found at

He ends his work with the following statement:
Let me reiterate: The Whites Bend Neighborhood Association and I support the right for cyclists to enjoy and use the many beauties and exercise benefits that our Tennessee roadways have to offer. Although we respect their rights, we also have a genuine concern for the safety of all involved. We are extremely pleased that a solution could be reached that would address the concerns of all parties involved, Rep Gary Moore.

He is commenting on a constructive meeting he had with Mayor Dean’s office and Walk/Bike Nashville. Our thanks go to everyone for working out a solution amenable to all parties.

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coastdownhills said...

Very good. A neglected road may get some improvements and we may become safer cyclists. Probably not what the instigators of the action had in mind but very good indeed.