Tuesday, March 8, 2011

United States Bicycle Route System

. . The United States Bicycle Route System (USBRS) is gaining support daily. Click a state to see the most up-to-date state status on the project. The National Corridor Plan identifies 50-mile wide corridors, both prioritized (numbered) and un-prioritized (faint brown corridors). The Plan can change, based upon state opportunities and interests, with new corridors or realignments. As corridors turn into routes, the lines will go from wide swaths of color to defined routes. Links to U.S. Bike Route (USBR) maps, state bike maps and informational websites will be provided as they become available.

. . TDOT enlisted a consultant to expand the state bicycle route network. Once TDOT approves the network, it will be sent to local Bike/Ped Coordinators and Bike Walk Tennessee for review. Bike Walk Tennessee is partnering with TDOT to implement routes that fall within the National Corridor Plan, visit Coast Down Hills to see the draft routes. USBR 25 will be the first route implemented and will coordinate with Kentucky.
. . For more information or to volunteer, contact Bruce Day from Bike Walk Tennessee.

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