Thursday, June 30, 2011

The laws of motion: Drivers to face stricter penalties for striking bicyclists, pedestrians

Tomorrow it becomes law. Bike Walk Tennessee, a statewide organization advocating for bicyclist and pedestrian rights, started drafting the law in February after hearing reports of bicyclists and pedestrians who were killed by drivers who went on to face what Bike Walk Tennessee believes are paltry charges.

"We've seen people get run over and killed with no consequences. This law brings criminal consequences and increases the possibility of having a civil lawsuit as well," said Caroline Cooley, a Knoxville member of the board of directors for Bike Walk Tennessee.

FYI: The FOGBEES were a critical component in the formation of Bike Walk Tennessee.

Sen. Andy Berke will Celebrate Strengthening of “Due Care” Law at Bike2Work Breakfast July 1

Bike2Work Commuter breakfast and announcement of Tennessee "Due Care" law
Fri., July 1, 8 a.m.
South end of the Walnut St. Bridge (Intersection of 1st St. and the Holmberg pedestrian bridge)
Sen. Andy Berke,, Bike/Walk Tennessee, Outdoor Chattanooga, Bike Chattanooga

Sen. Andy Berke will join local officials, transportation professionals and bicycle and pedestrian advocates for the implementation of stiffer penalties and fines in Tennessee's "Due Care" driving law. The new version of the old law takes effect on July 1, 2011. Sen. Berke sponsored the bill in the TN State Senate.

Chattanooga bicycle commuters will join Sen. Berke to call for tougher enforcement from law enforcement locally and state-wide for all road users.

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