Saturday, November 26, 2011

IMPORTANT: Web Site Rebuild & Membership RE-ENROLLMENT

. . Our website was built in 2008 and much of the content is stale.  Also, some of the recent Web Browser updates have buggered up the font rendering.  I just had to reformat everything.
. . As I was redoing every page I noticed just how out-of-date much of it is and how badly everything needs a total redesign

. . Maintaining a website is very time consuming.  I currently try to maintain about twelve and I am not doing so well, as evidenced by my lack of attention to our site. Also, many new gadgets have come along that I have been building into those other sites.
. . Before I start on the redesign, I would like to get your ideas.  What have you seen on other club sites that you would like to see on ours.  What have you seen on ours that you like and don't want me to delete.  A redesign of the website most likely would involve reconfiguration of our blog.
. . Our membership list is also stale.  I will be refreshing it and inviting everyone to re-enroll.  I will send out that re-enrollment as an invite to join the FOGBEE google group. Responding to that invite  gets on the updated membership list and provide us with a LISTSERV for emailing notices to members.  If you don't respond to the GoogleGroup invite, you will not be added to the new membership list, loose author permission on the BLOG, and not receive members-only news via the LISTSERV. 
. . If anyone is available to help with this activity, I would greatly appreciate it.  My tentative schedule is
- - Complete Spec for Website Redesign: December 24'th.
- - Complete Redesign: January 31'st
- - Member re-enrollment: From December 1, 2011 to January 31, 2012
. .
. . Comments? Suggestions? 


coastdownhills said...

Having just done it for another group, I can easily generate a mailing list for the Google Groups invitation from the Excel Spreadsheet. In fact, I can do about anything with Blog. I've been quietly tweaking some things all along, like removing the Yehuda Moon link when the comic ceased to be.
I'll have to think about the rest of your questions. I infrequently visit the Website but look at the blog daily.

Tom_E said...

I don't think many people use the website, so I am moving everything to Google Sites and off my personal account. That will let it function without me. About five FOGBEES have administration permission to the FOGBEE stuff, but you are the only one I know who has enough experience to make most of it work. I have rebuilt a BLOG and I am now creating templates for Google Site. I will send you links so you can see what is happening.

Tango Bravo said...

Glad to see you are doing this, although I never felt our blog and website were deficient.

Might want to send a warning email to folks who are on the membership list, but might not see this blog for whatever reason.

Tom_E said...

We routinely have received complements on the BLOG and Website, more so when the latter was new than now. Nevertheless, the website has become a patchwork with outdated content.
I have also received several requests for capability to do email blast to members. I am adding that capability. Our membership renewal will be done with one of those blasts as requested by Tom_B.
I am also adding several new Internet features for FOGBEES. I have drafted an Administrator's Manual so someone can take over for me. Bruce has worked with me on other internet properties for which I am the webmaster. I know he can handle much of it, but we need a list of other FOGBEES who are willing and able to be the webmaster for all our internet stuff. IDEAS?

GARY said...

I have no clue what you guys are talking about... guess i'd be little help on this one