Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Great Response from the City

We often hear how slow the City responds to requests.  I would like to share a recent exchange between Miley and the City that's worth acknowledging.  He was concerned about blockage of the shoulder that we use for bike travel.

From: david miley: 5/21/14 Subject: RE: Shoulder Obstruction on West Main Street
Wow. That was fast. Thank you very much for the quick response and having the changes made so quickly.

David, We are working with Speedway’s engineer to get all  concerns addressed before Speedway can open. We will look into your concern about the curb, also. Thank you for bring it to our attention.
Sincerely, Jerry Horton

From: david miley: 5/15/14 To: City Staff Cc: Tom Evans; David Hardin; Bruce Day
Subject: Re: Shoulder Obstruction on West Main Street
I later noticed a second area at the site , closer to the Rockland intersection, where the shoulder has been removed and replaced by a curb defining an entrance lane to the site. Photo attached.

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Unknown said...

I drove by there this morning and the entrance on Gallatin Road/Main St had already been fixed. I couldn't believe how quickly they responded either. Great job!