Saturday, July 19, 2014

Comments on Demetrius Post & Crash last Saturday

I'm sorry that Demetrius was injured in the crash last Saturday and I hope he heals quickly.

My reason for this post is that I found out today that my son Robert, through the Fogbee rumor mill, was thought to be the "unknown" rider described in Demetrius' post. The reason that he was being considered as the "unknown" one is because the "unknown" rider was supposed to have been wearing a Bikers Choice kit. Gary Williams took a picture of a number of riders at the start of the ride and Robert was the only one  in the picture wearing a Bikers Choice kit; therefore he had to be the one described in the post.

The only problem with that reasoning is that I know for a fact that Robert was no where near the accident when it happened since he was with me, my wife Kim, my youngest daughter Emily, and 3 or 4 other Fogbee riders who chose to do the 47 mile route. None of us even knew that a wreck had happened that day until we got back to Sam's. Needless to say, Robert was very upset when he found out that he had even remotely been considered by any Fogbee member as the "unknown" rider described in Demetrius' post.

There have been times in the past that Fogbee riders have been unjustly accused by drivers of riding inappropriately in traffic and those cyclists were justifiably upset. We should make sure that we don't make the same mistake when an unfortunate incident like what happened a week ago happens.

If anyone has any questions or would like to discuss, please feel free to call me at 615-944-0404.


Tango Bravo said...

John, I have not heard anyone mention your son's name.

I hope that rider X has stepped up and apologized to Deter and Curtis. More importantly, I hope we have all learned something about group riding safety, as well as responsibility, if an accident should occur.

Jason L. Chatham said...
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Jason L. Chatham said...

I was going to make a similar post earlier this week. Apparently my name was initially floating around as having caused this crash and then ridden off. I wasn't even on this ride, however!

While I certainly understand the initial anger and frustration (not to mention the physical injuries themselves) that came about due to these actions, I find it very disheartening that there are those that are so quick to start blaming others without any facts whatsoever to back up their claims. Please stop for a second and think about the implications of making such vile assertions.

And I hope those involved heal up quickly.