Monday, November 6, 2017

FOGBEE Tailgate . Thanks Mike, Sherry, Bill and Janice!

Another great tailgate and turnout with the FOGBEES. Special thanks to Janice Camplin for the use of her home (and the warm showers after a chilly wet ride). Bill Barton for the fantastic "TailgateNashville" trailer, Mike Knake for the route, getting all the burgers, brats and grilling, and Sherry Knake for ensuring everything went smooth and making sure Mike didn't forget anything. Fun Fun Day! If you missed it we hope you can make the next one.


Brian beisel said...

Sherry and I also want to say thanks for all your hard work for the tailgate ride.

Steve said...

Thanks for the great job of putting on the party.

Todd Jarrell said...

Great time! Thanks again Ms Camplin, Mike and Sherry!