Wednesday, June 27, 2018

3 day tour to Monticello KY July 5, 6,7.

Short notice for a short tour
Reposted from 6/10/18

Some of the Turtle contingent will be doing a short tour starting in Westmoreland and ending in Monticello, KY the weekend after July 4. Everyone is welcome to join. 

The only caveat is that riders must make own motel reservations and arrange a way back from Monticello. 

The Turtles will be sharing SAG driving and can carry luggage from overnight to overnight. Distances are about 50 miles the first two days and 30 miles the third day. Longer options can be mapped if desired. As with prior similar rides, the ride leader suggests preferred routes and motels but everyone is responsible for their own health, safety and happiness. 

Links to Ride With GPS routes and the overall plan are below. This is a good chance to get introduced to multi (just barely) day touring in a region you'll not likely cycle otherwise. Let me know if you are interested and I'll assist in coordination wiht luggage pickup etc.


overall plan

Day Westmoreland to Tomkinsville

Day 2 Tomkinsville to Albany

Day 3 Albany to Monticello

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monsieur cannonball said...

There’s gold in thar hills boys—— or at least legs of lead lol. I’m looking forward to visiting with Thomas Jefferson;)