Sunday, October 21, 2018

Red Boiling Springs October 26th, 27th and 28th 2018

UPDATED: October 21, 2018 
5 days until we head for Red Boiling Springs, the weather is looking good, plans are made and there are still two rooms available. All you need to do is commit, pack a bag and start pedaling.
Birthday, Wedding, good food, good routes and great company, don't miss out!

Our Fall ride to Red Boi ling Springs is fast approaching. Dates have been set Oct. 26th, 27th, 28th, and plans are being finalized for our ride and weekend in Red Boiling Springs. We have added a ride option for Friday 10/26 to make it a three day event. You do not have to do all three days.  You can drive up on Friday afternoon or evening and ride Saturday in RBS, you can ride to RBS on Saturday and ride back on Sunday with the group. There are any number options if you can't do all three days. I just need to know your intentions.

The Armour’s House with our host Dennis and Deb have blocked out the entire weekend for the FOGBEE’S, we also have the Donoho Hotel and Thomas House just down the road available. As of this date 10/7 the Armour's Hotel has two rooms available. Come and join this fun weekend with great friends riding and socializing at the Armour's.

We will be celebrating Sherry’s 60th Birthday on Saturday night, and a special wedding for a Fogbee couple if you want to attend. Dinner Friday night will be traditional Italian and Saturday night will be Southern (Deb's famous Fried Chicken and all the fix n's) and of course country southern breakfast.
Rooms are currently booked and reserved for Friday and Saturday night for those listed below at the Armour's Hotel. Dennis would prefer an email ( to request changes, cancel or request a reservation.
Doc B
Dave & Kelli M.
Kate H.
Lindsay C.
Mike & Sherry K.
Chris M.
Harry & Dee P.
Mike & Traci S.
Todd J.
Kelly & Travis
Bruce & Wilma D.
Saturday Night Only - Mike & Deana G.
NOTE: If you haven't already please post your intentions, if you are on this list and changed your mind please let me know. or text 615-887-6382
Currently confirmed for Friday ride option:
Bruce D. (calling all turtles..looking for additional riding company)
Harry P.
Lindsay C.
Mike K.
Todd J.
Kate H.
Doc B.
Chris M.
Steve C. (Friday only)

If you can't ride up on Friday, ride up on Saturday, or you can drive up on Friday and ride Saturday and Sunday or drive back on Sunday. You have options.
Friday and Saturday ride will depart from Last Call Bar and Grill on Long Hollow Pike at 9:30AM

Friday/Saturday Route from Gallatin to RBS:
Friday Gallatin to RBS

Saturday Ride to RBS:
No one has confirmed riding to RBS on Saturday. 

Saturday Ride Options in RBS:
RBS 51
RBS 60
RBS 77
Thanks to Miley for Saturday's routes and arranging Friday baggage transport.

Sunday RBS to Gallatin:
Sunday RBS to Gallatin

This is a fun weekend to get away and enjoy time with the bike and good friends. There is room for everyone.
Hotel Information:
Armour's Hotel

Donoho Hotel:

Thomas House:



Kellie said...

Travis and I plan on riding to RBS on Saturday. We may plan on leaving early in order to arrive in plenty of time to get ready for our special day. We are arranging for our friend/photographer, Jill, to ride back with the group on Sunday.

Kaiser Dawg said...

Woody... I'm planning on coming out to RBS super early Saturday morning to meet for the group ride, but I can't stay the night, as I have a Sunday commitment already lined up. I'd like to stick around and have dinner w everyone before heading back towards Nashville. Can you add me into the dinner count on Saturday, or do I need to contact Dennis directly? Thanks!

Woody said...

I will add you on my end but If you would also send Dennis an email that would be great. Thanks

Kaiser Dawg said...

Thanks, Woody! Much appreciated :-)

coastdownhills said...

Great job Woody. I've been on all the roads over the years. They ranged from great to fantastic. I'm not riding at even my past mediocre ability so may abbreviate the Friday and Sunday rides some way. Saturday I will likely loaf. Turtles possibly scared by the distances, climbs, or pace take heart.

Woody said...

I understand, just happy to see you still out there. Looking forward to a great weekend.

Kaiser Dawg said...

Do we have an approximate ball park time for what time the ride will start on Saturday out of RBS? I will be driving up early morning, but just need to know what time to expect the Fogbee rollout so I can get my butt there in plenty of time to gear up. THANKS!

Woody said...


Kellie said...

Update 10-23: I have emailed Dennis to let him know that Travis and I will not be staying any nights at Armour's due to a friend booking us a cabin instead. We are riding to Red Boiling Springs on Saturday with Devin, Shaun, and Barefoot John starting from my house at 7:00 a.m. if anyone would like to join us. Its going to be a party.

Frank said...

Add me for dinner Saturday night, email sent to Dennis.