Tuesday, July 16, 2019


We are in the initial stages of placing a FOGBEE Jersey order through Jackroo Customized Jerseys.

Our art work has been sent to them and they are sending me a contract to get some fit kits.

We are going to go with their FONDO regular, relaxed and women's cut fit kits.  As long as we stay in the same style (FONDO) we get a price discount based upon quantity whether regular, relaxed or women's.  The cost for 6-24 is $69.00.  More than 24 is $63.00.

Once everyone decides how many they want, size, etc.  we can set it up where you go onto their website and place your order.  We will have a window of time to do so, which can be from 1-21 days.  Your order will be shipped directly to you.  It will take 2 weeks from the last day of our ordering window for you to receive your jersey.

It is also possible if you want something other than a jersey that you can go on line and order it on your own.  You can order just one thing, but it will cost the single item price.  Here is the link for you to explore their website:  http://www.jakroo.us/index.html    You can even design your own stuff.

Your fashion coordinator,



Lindsay said...

Is there a sleeveless option as well? I know I already break cycling fashion sense by looking more like a triathlete with my jerseys...I can hide the tan lines on the legs, but the arms are too hard to conceal at work!

Woody said...
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