Thursday, December 22, 2022

Bicycle Friendly State

The Bicycle Friendly State℠ program promotes awareness, best practices, and action by state Departments of Transportation and state legislatures.

While each state has its own beautiful scenery, bicycling culture, and weather – the Bicycle Friendly State℠ program is concerned with actions by state decision-makers and helping each state understand how it can play a role in building a Bicycle Friendly America for Everyone.

The Bicycle Friendly State℠ program is structured around a ranking of all 50 states based upon publicly available data and a survey completed by state Departments of Transportation and/or state bicycle advocacy organizations. This data is used to rank and create a report card for each state. Our last ranking was completed in 2022.

About twelve years ago, I worked with TDOT to get Tennessee's ranking improved from 45 to 19. Not a lot improvement was added for Tennessee. It was more filling out the over 100 questions, plus addition of our 401c3 State Bike corp. In 2022 Tennessee's ranking remains at 19th.

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