Thursday, October 5, 2023

Saturday Morning Ride **Caution - Greenhorn Ride Lead**

With our fearless ride leaders AWOL, I have planned a couple of routes for Saturday morning (yes Woody, I completely avoided Dobbins Pike!).  With a start-time temp forecasted to be 47F, this will be our first chance to test our cool weather gear for the fall!  No worries, it's supposed to be a balmy 57F by the end!

Start time: 8:00 from the Gallatin Civic Center

50 Mile Route (Store at mile 30): GALLATIN 50

43 Mile Route (Store at mile 25): GALLATIN 43

Recovery @ FAIRVUE Pizza & Pub


Woody said...

Thanks Tiger! I’m in for 50 but out on Fairvue Pizza.
Thank you for taking the lead this week.

Steve said...


John C said...

Ditto 2