Friday, January 19, 2024

Bruce Update (revised from 12/22/23)

1/22/24: Today mid afternoon, Bruce finally got home.  He felt much more comfortable in his own bed. He still requests that we refrain from calling, emailing or texting until he regains more strength. He just gets too tired.

He said that he will reach out to us as he begins to feel well and strong enough.

1/17/24: Bruce has had a tough time but he said he is feeling quite good.  Late this afternoon he finally got moved from the ICU to a step down floor.  Still no word on when he may get discharged.  He still tires very quickly. His spirit remains very positive.

"Bruce is out of surgery. Heart good. Only two bypasses. Said good bypass material." Wilma - 01/05/24: 1 PM

12/22/23: Bruce and Wilma very much appreciate everyone's concern and best wishes.  Please wait no calls or visits until Bruce is home in a week.



Woody said...

Thank you Dave, hoping for the best.
also please remember Shawn Boon and his battle with cancer.

Todd jarrell said...

Good luck, Bruce! Praying all goes well.

Praying for Shan B as well.

coastdownhills said...

The heart surgeon could not do my surgery Friday. He allowed I was stable enough to wait till normal operations resume. I whined enough about staying in the hospital over Christmas that he let me come home. I'm glad to be home to tie up loose ends before a few weeks of incapacity. Thanks for the many public and private good wishes.